The Answer


“Why are we here? What’s the meaning of life?”

“For we are what He has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.” – Ephesians 2:10

This one little quote sums up the answer to life with a clear depth we can dive into for the rest of our lives. In it we find submission to God. We find humility. We find ourselves reborn and receiving our son-ship through Christ.

In  this quote we are told the purpose for our lives in this form on this Earth, and that this purpose is in line with the nature of God. We are shown what edifies us, and what we are made to do. We are assured we are not alone, that there is a plan for us, that we are under guidance and care and tutelage.

We are what He has made us: His creation, His vision, His design. We are not accidents. We are not random happenstance rising from chaos. We are premeditated, on purpose, conscious creations of the Living God. He wants us. He cares. He is engaged.

Created in Christ Jesus for good works…The Christ event creates us. He renews us. He changes and grows us. Christ is the one who has given us the criteria for truth. We come to Christ and He finishes out the elements of ourselves that are not needed, that are hampering and false. He instills in us instead the fruits of the spirit, which enable us to FINALLY be able to work and act in ways that represent Light; real Light, true Light, Goodness – good works.

Which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life… There are elements and events and surprises and relationships and circumstances and opportunities we have not dreamed, but that God has prepared especially for each one of us. He has drawn a path, and He has paved that path with all we need for our journey. It is our way. It has been prepared, as a gift for us, by a Loving and Wise Creator. And IT IS a gift.

This life is a gift, and we open it through being who He made us to be. We open it by allowing ourselves to be created in Christ Jesus for good works. We open it with each step we take that follows the path laid out for us by God.

It is in good works that we find joy. It is through good works that we feel satisfied. It is within good works that we find the strength and will to keep going and persevere. Good works are the key to our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Good works are the difference between an energetic, vibrant, creative, well lived life, and the slow drudging agony, and depressive dissatisfaction, of dragging oneself into death, day after day.

There is meaning to life. There is purpose. It is found in performing the good works we were made to do in Christ Jesus, according to God’s personal and brilliant plan for each of our lives.

Life is a gift, thought out and hand made by God, that we have but to open. Each gift is filled with good works, that were custom made for each of us to complete. The joy we receive from performing these good works is what makes this life so valuable. It’s absolutely worth it to focus and figure out what your good works are to be. God, through Christ, will guide you.

There you go. That’s why you’re here. That’s the meaning and purpose of your life.

Now, it’s your job to live it.


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