Trusting God’s Sovereign Timing

I thought this a good bit of encouragement this morning. I hope you do too!

Annette Trucke

We often think about “right” timing. But the concept of “wrong” timing is equally as important. Am I too late? Did I miss my opportunity to live out the passions and purposes I felt earlier?

I remember one day I woke up several years ago and I just KNEW it was time to sell our house and move into the city from our bedroom community. I told my husband and he wasn’t sure after first (of course) but after setting with it for a bit, he felt the same. We put our home (which we had built and loved) up for sale and sold it fairly quickly. We found another house that had a lot more room and was right for us. We had sold right before the market fell. I heard our home sold for almost $80,000 less at the next turnover. I don’t believe that the timing was…

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