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As many of you may have noticed (or not), this blog has been silent for a long time. I’ve thought about the blog, and you, quite often, but after my last post about sharing the gospel, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. In that situation, with the neighbor with cancer, the result was that I never felt bold enough to follow up with her. I never overcame the sense of irresolution and confusion inside. I never prayed with her. I never shared the gospel. She’s dead now, so the chance has passed.  Continue reading

Scripture Memorization Club Leviticus 18:5

Leviticus 18:5


Leviticus 18:5New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

You shall keep my statutes and my ordinances; by doing so one shall live: I am the Lord.

Not so long ago I would have read that and thought ‘what a mean, controlling, bossy thing to say. The bible is insane and so are the people who swallow that hogwash.’ I would have thought God was threatening to kill people if they didn’t do what He said.

Not so long ago I didn’t understand how much God Loves us. I hadn’t experienced God in the way that is only possible through believing Jesus is who He says He is and that He told us the truth. Not so long ago I didn’t understand that the gospel truly is ‘good news’.

Today I read that scripture and I want to fall flat on my face in gratitude for God and His ‘statutes and ordinances’. I’m beginning to understand what God is talking about when he uses words like ‘live’. Here’s a clue (I say to myself because I’m sure this is a ‘well duh’ moment for most of you) – He isn’t talking about walking around and sucking air.

When God refers to ‘living’, He is talking from a different context. He’s talking about peace, about the purest of self expression, about freedom. He’s talking about becoming ready to truly Love and be Loved. He’s talking about becoming a conduit of eternal fulfillment in a world over run by temporal pain.

God knows we cannot escape pain here. In answer to that He has given us ‘statutes and ordinances’ so that we might avoid the snares and traps of taking our suffering to the spiritual level in this corporal world. God doesn’t hand these ‘statutes and ordinances’ down as a fun excuse for punishing us. Rather, He is trying to save us from experiencing the punishment already inherent in this fallen place.

God is our protector. Not our punisher.

Be blessed!

Scripture Memorization Club Luke 3:11


You know the feeling, right? The sense of dread as you ease your car to the end of the parking lot driveway and see a person standing there holding a sign. You know you have to stop right in front of them because you can’t just peel out into traffic. That feels really uncomfortable and so what do you do? Smile? Wave? Ignore and pretend you don’t see?

According to this weeks scripture, there’s a different approach to take. Continue reading

All Shall Be Well

Ran across this via Teresa of Avila Turns 500. The song is absolutely stunning. So lovely.

The More I Learn the More I Wonder

My latest video has been a joyfully collaborative effort.

The words are taken from the book Revelations of Divine Love, by Julian of Norwich, 14th-century English mystic.

The images are the attentive and skillful work of Kristen Kopp. I left southern Minnesota for the outspoken beauty of Colorado, but Kristen’s photographic impressions of my prairie home do gorgeous justice to the whispering wonder of that place. Treat your eyes and your soul to more of her work here:

While I wrote the music and made a simple recording with acoustic guitar and vocals, my best-beloved, Nathan Bloom, sculpted the audio tracks into a fascinating aural landscape.

Deepest thanks to Julian, Kristen and Nathan for sharing your own unique vista on the world with me in producing this video!

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A Friend on the Path


“I have an amnesia.” she said. This after we had walked a couple hundred yards. I was a few steps ahead, acutely aware of the shared space with this strange woman who I had seen from time to time, but only in passing. We hadn’t come into even a tacit agreement to walk together. Yet, here we were, on separate walks in the same direction, and too close for too long not to acknowledge each had just become a part of the others experience.

“Oh?” was my only response. I’d never had anyone tell me they suffered from amnesia before. In the same moment, I felt the Holy Spirit, who had been quietly sneaking up, flare insistently within my heart. His gentle touch instructed me this was a moment to soften, to open, to be present. Continue reading

My First Email for My First Bible Study.

For the Ladies of the Women’s Bible Study,
I sit here, emotionally open and in a state of wonder, and I feel compelled to write to you who have committed to spending time together with each other and with the Lord this summer. I write today as the Holy Spirit moves me to. Please, take what you can use and discard what you cannot.

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John 1:1-5


In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him. And without Him not one thing came into being. What has come into being in Him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.  – John 1:1-5

I read this passage and I am overwhelmed with the beauty in it. I’m compelled to repeat it, over and over, until it is committed to memory.

The ‘Word’ is translated from the Greek as ‘logos’, in this case meaning the Divine Expression.  Logos signifies the ‘Word’ being the personal manifestation of God, not of a part of the divine nature, but of the whole deity. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of the intention and nature of God. He is God’s thought and spirit, His essence, made flesh. Hence, the many statements like these made by Christ: Continue reading